Boundaries_ Fabric // Concrete // Installation

An exploration of boundaries can bring up many meanings, the boundaries of nations, our mental boundaries, the limits of knowledge, and so on. Our installation seeks to explore boundaries as dictated by that of our personal space, the distance we set between ourselves for fear of interaction, or being overly intimate.

We seek to explore the concept of personal boundaries by marrying two materials that are unlikely bedfellows - the gentility of fabric that drapes and billows, with the fossilized strength of hard-set concrete

By rendering fabric with concrete, we are seeking to reconcile the fragility of time wishing to make something as fleeting as a light scarf floating in the breeze, permanent and unmoving.

The installation looks into the tension created by both materials, using fabric as the provider of tension and a specially concocted concrete as the material setting it in place. This consists of three parts: Ghost, Slide and Table, which will test the different tensile properties of fabric and how it responds to liquid concrete being poured, dripped and funnelled through it.

#Installation #MaterialExploration #Fabric #Concrete

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