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Tufnell Park

Design Area

26 sqm


Design, Planning, Procurement & Installation

Design Team

Karl, Fanis

A quiet refusal of hard edges and blandness in favour of intoxicating sensitivity for material. Brass, Carrara marble and French voile dress a space where the principle of self-care takes centre stage, in this London apartment.
Mid-century Influences in an Open-plan Kitchen & Lounge.

The aim was to create an elevated soft, feminine interior with a curated selection of vintage pieces. This Danish Jeka pendant lamp was an instant hit with our client and she loved the soft brass sheen that lent the space an understated sense of luxury.


Often with retrofits, the spaces can feel awkwardly proportioned - the result of subdividing an existing building.


To bring the whole space together, we got rid of the different types of flooring between the lounge and kitchen. Unifying the whole flat in a softly coloured, textured cashmere timber felt like the perfectly acceptable thing to do.


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