House of Love_ A Shelter for one // Installation

We created a structure for participants of the Queer Culture Festival to seek shelter in and spread the message of love. It is intended to act as a bridge for communication between people who agree and disagree with LGBTQ+ values. It will be placed in Seoul Plaza during the festival and also mobilise to become part of the Pride parade. The flexibility of the façade allows individuals within to reach out and interact with protestors, while offering a colourful layer of protection to remind each other about the mutual values of love and acceptance.

The form of the structure is inspired by traditional Korean architecture, intended as a reminder to both sides that they share the same roots. The facade is constructed of woven rope, which creates a light membrane that remains flexible, fostering positive communication and constructive exchange. Colourful reflective dichroic paper pendants are hung from the roof structure, symbolising the ‘light’ that members of the LGBTQ+ group are searching for.

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